My Resume

Work History

  • 2019-Current: PHD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna. Research activities mainly focus around web-accessibility related topics.

  • 2019: design, implementation, test and deployment of AlmaWhere 2.0, an indoor navigation system based on BLE-beacons that provides customized itineraries based on user needs and buildings characteristics.

  • 2015-Current: occasional collaborations with the University of Bologna web portal, in order to identify critical accessibility issues and the most appropriate solutions for complex accessibility-related problems.

  • 2012: Accessibility assessment for Lecce state (Italy). Performed an accessibility audit for the web portal, suggesting the most appropriate fixes for all issues found, and training IT staff so as to avoid running into them again.

Education history

  • 2019-Current: PHD in Computer Science and Engineering, at University of Bologna (Italy).

  • 2017-2019: 2 years master degree in Computer Science, at University of Bologna (Italy).

  • 2013-2017: Bachelor degree in Computer Science, at University of Bologna (Italy). Dissertation about creating an accessible workflow for distributing accessible scientific publications based on the RASH framework and the EPUB format.

Awards and achievements

@@ Publications

  • Rubano, V., & Vitali, F. (2021, January). Making accessibility accessible: strategy and tools. In 2021 IEEE 18th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

  • Rubano, V., & Vitali, F. (2020, July). Experiences from declarative markup to improve the accessibility of HTML. In Balisage: The Markup Conference.

  • Delnevo, G., Mambelli, G., Rubano, V., Prandi, C., & Mirri, S. (2020, January). AlmaWhere 2.0: a pervasive system to facilitate indoor wayfinding. In 2020 IEEE 17th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

  • Mirri, S., Peroni, S., Salomoni, P., Vitali, F., & Rubano, V. (2017, January). Towards accessible graphs in HTML-based scientific articles. In 2017 14th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) (pp. 1067-1072). IEEE.

  • Rubano, V, 2019. Su AlmaWhere, un sistema di navigazione indoor per gli edifici dell’ateneo di Bologna. Master degree dissertation.

  • Rubano, V, 2019. L’(in)accessibilità degli articoli scientifici sul Web e l’uso di RASH e EPUB. Bachelor degree dissertation.


  • Deep understanding of Web-Accessibility related topics.

  • Experience with the most popular web development frameworks (React, Vue, etc). Deep understanding of the most popular command line tools that can facilitate and improve the web development process (bundlers, minification tools, transpilers, linters, type checkers, code analyzers, etc).

  • Deep knowledge of different programming languages suitable for scripting (BASH, Python, Perl, etc), server-side applications (PHP, ASP, etc) and full-stack web development.

  • Intermediate level knowledge of different programming languages suitable for desktop and mobile application development (C, C++, Swift, etc).

  • Intermediate level knowledge about server administration, setting up continuous integration workflows and deploying different web technology stacks.

Other significant experiences

  • 2014-Current: running NVApple, an Italian website to review Apple products, iOS and mac OS applications and accessories, and discuss accessibility-related topics that can have a significant impact on blind and visually impaired people; whenever possible, strategies to overcome common issues are provided as well.

  • 2011-Current: Running Ti Tengo d’occhio, an Italian website to publicly report inaccessible websites and applications, as well as cooperate with developers to get them fixed.

  • 2013: Significant involvement in the Drupal community as an accessibility expert, providing feedback and patches to improve Drupal accessibility.