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Vincenzo Rubano
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To describe what AblePlayer is, we can simply leverage a slogan you can find on its official repository: AblePlayer is a “fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player”.

In fact, being implemented in JavaScript, this player enhances both the “audio” and “video” HTML 5 elements to provide additional accessibility features that work the same way across browsers. More specifically, it supports:

  • support for both captions and audio descriptions (to be provided b the video author);
  • keyboard shortcuts to control video playback (including additional operations such as back/fast forwarding, adjusting the volume, toggling captions);
  • a wide variety of settings, that allow users to configure really anything that can be configured in a video/audio player;
  • accessible playback controls.

AblePlayer supports both audio and video files, and can play either single media elements or playlists containing many of them. AblePlayer can play elements from various sources, including Youtube and local files.

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