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Vincenzo Rubano
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Promising “Beautiful math in all browsers”, MathJax is a framework capable of providing highly accurate (or maybe, as accurate as it can get) typesetting for Math formulas within web browsers. It accepts formulas written using different syntaxes (LaTeX, AsciiMath, etc), and can output their rendering in various formats (HTML+CSS, MathML, SVG, etc.).

While taking advantage of all its features can require a little bit of understanding of how the library works, MathJax is highly modular and offer significant advantages that are totally worth the effort:

  • Support for various input languages, that can be used to write Math formulas.
  • Support for many output formats, suitable for any scenarios.
  • Integrates innovative accessibility features, including speech rules for screen reader users and magnification users for the visually impaired.
  • Makes it possible to use MathML even in browsers that do not support it completely

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