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Vincenzo Rubano
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Mathpix is a cloud platform designed to author, edit and distribute scientific documents (e.g. journal articles, research papers), especially when they contain Math formulas; it provides a web service, a desktop application (available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux), and a mobile app (that supports both Android and iOS).

While not specifically designed with accessibility in mind, Mathpix is a great tool when it comes to authoring accessible scientific documents, digitizing them or improving their accessibility; in particular, its OCR features have been specifically crafted to recognize Math formulas accurately.

Documents can be authored leveraging several intuitive features (e.g. handwriting recognition, markdown syntax) and exported in various formats including LaTeX, Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, or web pages. The service can be purchased with a monthly or yearly subscription; however, generous free tiers that increase a lot for students) are also available.

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