Adee Comprehensive Accessibility Tool

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Vincenzo Rubano
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Available as a plugin for Adobe Xd and Figma (with support for Sketch coming soon), Adee is a “comprehensive accessibility tool” you can install to integrate accessibility directly in your design workflow. It integrates different accessibility features directly in your design tool of choice.

Here are some of the features provided by Adee, along with a brief description of their purpose.

Color blindness simulator
It allows to simulate various forms of color blindness, compare different views and modes, comment on test results, and finally share them.
Visual contrast checker
based on WCAG, it allows you to quickly check color contrast for your design. Different features (including a live preview) allow for easy color adjustment.
Alternative text generator
It allows to generate alt text for SVG, PNG and JPG images. An image can be classified both as informative or decorative, and values for title and description (alternative text) can be entered directly in your design. Code-level suggestions based on the information entered are also provided.
Touch size checker
It allows to test the size of links, buttons, or any type of touch target to make sure they are accessible. You can test your design against specific recommendations for Apple or Android devices, the Nielsen recommendation.) (make all touchable elements at least 1cm*1 cm), or WCAG 2.1 success criteria. Smart suggestions to meet different standards are also provided.

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