Stories of Web Users

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Vincenzo Rubano
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Imagining how people with disabilities use the Web and mobile devices can be hard. Reading all those standards, guidelines, specifications, tutorials and whatnot can be daunting, especially if you cannot make sense of the reason why your web content, mobile or desktop applications must satisfy certain requirements. This is the reason why the document “Stories of Web users” by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been created!

In this document some examples of realistic (but not real) characters are provided (I heard someone saying personas… Did I?), illustrating how their disability(es) can impact their usage of web content, mobile and desktop applications; short notes on the assistive technologies they use in that specific scenario is also provided, with references to accessibility guidelines that have been put in place to support that.

Unfortunately, these characters are not representative of all problems people with disabilities may face out there; however, I argue that the resource can be very valuable in making all those definitions and requirements much more concrete, not to mention its usefulness during the design phase!

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