Add Live Text Interaction to Your App (WWDC 2022)

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Vincenzo Rubano
on · one minute reading.

In this video from Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022, you can learn how to bring Live Text support for still photos or paused video frames to your app. The video illustrates how you can easily enable text interactions, translation, data detection, and QR code scanning within any image view on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. It also explains how to control interaction types, manage the supplementary interface, and resolve potential gesture conflicts.

While live text has not been designed specifically for accessibility purposes, this feature can have a significant impact on people with disabilities (especially the blind and visually impaired). Therefore, any app supporting images should adopt it, as it recognizes text(along with other data) within images, allowing screen readers to interact with it as appropriate.

Note: a transcript for the video is available from its official page.

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