Unity UI Accessibility Plugin (UAP)

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Vincenzo Rubano
on · one minute reading.

The Unity UI Accessibility Plugin (UAP) allows you to make the User Interface (UI) of your Unity based game accessible to blind and visually impaired players on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and WebGL. The plugin requires Unity 5.6 or newer.

The plugin works with games developed using multiple languages, and support for additional ones can be implemented easily; it is open-source, and is compatible with both UGUI and NGUI.

While the plugin does not expose the interface to the native accessibility APIs, it makes various controls accessible in a way that make them behave as close as possible to their native counterparts; this way, blind and visually impaired people do not need to learn a new way of interacting with the game, as they are already familiar with the interactions that are required.

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