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Vincenzo Rubano
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Formerly developed by DesignScience (now acquired by Wiris), MathType is a solution that allows anyone to easily create accessible math equations, and embed them in various document formats for distribution. In particular, MathType is available as an add-in for Microsoft 365 (supporting both web and desktop editions of Microsoft Office), and an extension for Google Workspace (supporting both Google Docs and Google Slides); integrations for various learning management systems (LMS) and the most popular editors (both open-source and commercial) are provided as well.

MathType allows creating professional-looking formulas that are accessible, as it can leverage technologies such as MathML; formulas can be entered in two different ways:

  • through an easy-to-use, graphical interface; you can compose math formulas by leveraging intuitive controls, and MathType will do the heavy lifting.
  • Through hand-writing: you can write Math formulas by hand leveraging the touchpad of your computer or any other touch device, and MathType will recognize and convert them in real-time to their most suitable digital (and accessible) representation.

At the time of writing, MathType is distributed as a commercial product; several yearly subscriptions are offered, whose prices vary depending on the buyer (e.g. individuals or educational institutions), with an additional 20% discount for academics. Schools and other educational institutions can leverage MathType integrations with Learning Management Systems for free for up to 500 formulas; an interactive trial version to demonstrate MathType features is provided as well.

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