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Vincenzo Rubano
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Acronym of Linear Access to Mathematics for Braille Device and Audio-synthesis, Lambda is a commercial application that allows entering, exploring and manipulating math formulas in a linear way that is especially suitable for usage with Braille displays and screen readers. Several features to provide a visual representation of such formulas, as well as the ability to export and import them from various document formats commonly used in this field, are also provided.

Initially developed thanks to a 3 years project funded by the European Union (EU), Lambda is nowadays distributed as a commercial application supporting both a subscription model (with licenses available for up to 3 years) and a life-time license.

The key idea behind Lambda is that of enabling blind and visually impaired students to work with math formulas and equations effectively during their studies, providing some features to allow them to work along with their sighted peers (other students, teachers, etc.). If using the JAWS screen reader, lambda requires additional scripts to be installed; if using the NVDA screen reader an add-on developed by the community is necessary to enjoy the best possible experience.

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